Day 50 - COMMUNITIES - Conferences, giving technical talks, blog post

September 10, 2018 17:51 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Eva is on holiday in Slovenia however I still see the occasional post in the girls code community.

We have been offered tickets through RGSoC for I now need to search flights, hotel as its not long till oct 5th! Unfortunately Eva won't be able to make this one. But I am hoping to tweet, blog post and share as much of the experience as possible online. Excited! :) . I am also out of my comfort zone but going to apply to do a first time talk and share my experience of React with the Bahmni project.

I have also won another conference ticket through a diversity raffle in London. . This is looking at .net technologies. This is again out of my comfort zone. I have not done a lot on .net but I am very interested in Kubernetics, docker, and this is related to our Bahmni project which is building an app with data being stored and retrieved. It also has some soft talks on Turning Passion into Experience, and Career Advice For Programmers.

I have been working through the React course with codewithmosh and looking at displaying data from fetch API into a table whilst waiting on an update from designer as to how they want it to look.

The OPEN MRS community is amazing. As part of our story we need to filter persons so that it doesn't show users, providers etc . I haven't posted into a developer community network before and I was a bit worried I wouldn't be understood or make clear my problem. However the replies I have got from several users has helped me and our mentor move on with the development of our app. Open source have such great knowledge and experience to share. I will using this resource more for learning too from previous posts.


Creating a table in our app with data from REST API response.

Working on the next blog post that is due on 17 Sept. Is this really our last blog with RGSoC it seems like yesterday when we were taking photos and working on our first blog post.


Meet with Ivo our Bahmni mentor tomorrow.

Look at the design of the table and functionality of filtering just one record to later use CRUD - Create, Read, Update and delete.


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