Day 48 - Fetch Get API, React Router Dom

September 5, 2018 22:43 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Good progress made today with next story which is to create a search page, use Fetch with Get Person API from Open MRS.

We looked at end points and what the API was returning using postmaster and the excellent documentation with Open MRS, they also have their own extensive wiki to search - so no shortage of information.

Our Coach Neil saved us lots of time to how to customise the return from the API, how to set limit of the amount of records and how this can then be changed in an environment file depending on resources, amount of records, how many times the fetch api is to be called and how much is returned each time.

We compared the differences from the Open MRS system and the Bahmni system to try and understand what was the best way for our app to use the api.

We discussed with our coach React Router Dom and how we could use this in our App. Although we only two pages React Router Dom offers the quicker, cleaner solution and so although a library we have decided to install and monitor what difference in load times this will make with our app.

We created multiple pages and created a route for them. We then used switch to prioritise but also to catch erroneous addresses.

We then pair programmed with GTH driving and uploaded a branch but as this still has a lot of work still to be done it was not merged with the master.


Add search SVG to search page
Add new person SVG to search page

Aesthetically change the page in line with the design requirements using CSS . Not Georgina's favourite thing in the world because even though I change values it doesn't take effect due to specificity! (I can't even say the word properly without sputtering!)

Unit testing - design and writing


Look at dynamically changing the navigation bar to show what page the app is on.

Add the function to fetch using the GET person API

Change formContainer name to something more meaningful now that we have more than one form - one for search and one for add new person.

Meet with the Bahmni team tomorrow as to how this app will connect with existing app, look at our progress and discuss how to make some decisions with the rest of the app.


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