Day 46

September 5, 2018 13:31 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We started our day with our daily stand-up followed by a call with Sophia, our supervisor. One bit of feedback from both Sophia and one of our coaches was that we needed to keep a keep them informed of the work we are doing. One of the things that we have learned this summer is that there is a need to maintain consistent communication with the different members of our team. It was clear that we needed to update our process, so we updated our trello board to include the steps we are taking to learn more Rails and Ruby. This will allow them to know at a glance what we are doing at any time.

Later we had a session with our coach Jorge who helped us parse areas in the codebase that were still unclear. It is still hard to identify the helper functions on our own so the session was very useful. We did a lot of experimenting by generating code through the rails console enabling us to map different routes. We had some success manipulating the path. We are just about ready to move forward on issue#3881. Tomorrow we will write some tests and see if we can get them to pass. We are trying to complete this issue, with complete being defined as submitting a PR. Our goal is to start working our feature next week.

As a side effect taking extra time to solve what should be a simple issue of changing a link, we have managed to really understand how Rails works . This new knowledge will come in handy as we move forward.


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