Day 47 - New Story, New Challenges

September 4, 2018 21:13 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • met with coach Ivo (who is sick, but still met with us, took notes and researched our next story! <3 Ivo <3)
  • I (Eva) have been excitedly refactoring code for the past couple of days, so it was very good to receive some feedback from coach Ivo on what is useful (and what is not)
  • implemented the changes suggested by coach Ivo
  • I hosted GirlsCode in the evening which was again a good mix of welcoming new students, recommending resources, motivating the veteran students and solving some coding issues (and installing some Ubuntu, of course)

GTH - it has been a long interesting day that has got me excited about our project with our new story and me studying well into early hours. Does anybody else program all hours when they are in flow?

Our mentor Ivo has given us less detail for this story as it is similar to a past story and it is just enough to make us struggle so that we again learn more. The story is to use a get api in a search form. As this is a separate form we will need to plan out reusable components, look into the rest api end point so it only returns persons that we have added from our input form and not all users, providers etc.

I have also been reading up on react router. Do we really need this whole library for a low resource app with only two pages? Playing with browser, switch and link. A good question for discussion with coaches on our slack channel.

Lots of meetings today that were reflective on what I have done so far, always good to stop and reflect . RGSoC meetup today talking about imposter syndrome and mindsets. Also one to one with supervisor Ramón.


  • researching our current story including GET requests, React routing, adding more components
  • using the SVGs provided by the team designer, Konrad
  • watching (and rewatching) the Mosh tutorial on React

create a search form for our app


  • meeting with coach Neil tomorrow
  • meeting with coach Ivo on Thursday

I would really like to celebrate RGSoC as I think it is such a great experience and more people need to know. As I feel I have learnt so much and I have met so many lovely people. Would any body else like to celebrate with us? Maybe we can arrange a joint party - suggestions welcome


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