Day 45

September 4, 2018 19:54 UTC Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Based on the review given to us by our mentor we were able update the following pull requests:
- Create a null object class for Cases that handles blank cases or cases that are not versioned. We had issues with uninitialized constant NullObjects::Case which came to realize that it is because directories in the app folder are considered root directories and therefore cannot be used for name spacing as explained here
- Added migration for slug on State. We then used it to find States which is more friendly to a user instead of using id to find a state.
- Put versions controller in Case module.
- We have also opened three pull requests setting instance variables, we are waiting on our mentor to review them
- We also finished our pending pr that needed some additional information on adding content on how to create and update agency in ebwiki contribution guidelines


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