Day 45: Peach Sunny Salad Popcorn

September 4, 2018 15:04 UTC Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today's Progress:
Today Arati was out of the office to compensate for time spent at the Nextcloud conference.
* I worked on my PR #618 for fixing issue #614 the popover menu. Close to a nice working solution 💪
* I also joined the remote call with the other members of RGSoC 📞

It was really nice to see and talk with Anna and some of the other RGSoC participants and share our experiences. I also got quite a bit of coding done today and managed to untangle in my mind how to work with the WebDav (still not completely but I understand it much better!) 🎉

Link(s) to work:


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