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Met with supervisor Ramón online - he is also a good coach checking we are both ok and happy with our project. Eva explained the last two stories she has done with spinner and refactoring. We had a great conversation about testing and discipline. It was interesting to hear about other technologies and their community. For example Python is seen as having lots of documentation and Ruby has a great community of testers and feedback.

We then did a meeting about the overview for the next 30 days. It covered things that we had planned, obstacles, ideas of what we think is coming up for the application and what would we need to learn. We also set about a strategy for the upcoming blog post due on Sept 17th.

Eva filled me in as to what changes she had made on the app.

Georgina shared resources from conference in June Women of Silicon Roundabout. Lots of soft skill talks for women to help move into technical leadership roles.

More learning on what is clean code, consistent code, best practices and ways to refactor code to make it easier to understand and read by others.


We are both doing the codewithmosh course and we are working through this and applying what we are learning to our app. We actually felt that having a project to apply this to was so good in learning and helping to understand that is shows how much we have learnt in these two months with RGSoC.

ByteConf online videos

Continued to share resources with girls code MK community and our social media followers.

Write a template for the blog post that we can start to work on - some ideas to make it fun to read


Meet with mentor Ivo about the two stories that are currently showing on Jira but are not ready for development and are still being analysed.

We have set a date of 2nd November to do a presentation of our app to ThoughtWorks staff in London and will be streamed to Berlin. This is a lunch time session which we hope to;
* thank Ivo for his unfaltering patience, very clear and precise instructions
* encourage and inspire others to mentor with RGSoC for future teams as we have benefitted so much
* share specific details of the Bahmni project

Continue to use react router in a separate branch on github.


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