Day 44

September 3, 2018 20:32 UTC Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

About the Weekend

Coaching at Girls Get Geeky was great. We helped newbies build their first Rails app and did a scaffold on ideas. We also took them through the MVC architecture and how it works.


  • Fixed a review requested on making factories dynamic
  • Worked on making cases controller with modules, by having versions controller as one of its sub module. We also set the same on the routes to ensure that proper each route is matched to the correct controller and action.
  • Looked at rules governing a rescue clause and how it works, rescuing exceptions. The pr on that was also merged today.
  • Looked in deep how to do a 301 redirect if an old id was used to find a record, the code is great but the test are still not working, yet to find the reason behind that.

What we learnt

  • Today we read on the law of the demeter which in short would be summarized as.."only use one dot". Very many chains in method calls are discouraged


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