Day 43: Lime Green glamorous Praline Pecan Popcorn

August 31, 2018 14:48 UTC Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today's Progress:
- Jessica worked on the enable function in the popover menu as well as the rename function. (issue #614)
- She also fixed the styling issues on share addressbook and requested feedback via PR #615 - partial fix for issue #600
- Arati worked on updating her branch vue-new-addressbook so that it incorporates the changes she made with the App maintainer during the conference and continue with issue #605


Today we were back in the office at Absolventa, it was nice to catch up with our coaches there and swap conference stories (Kaja was at Euruko at the weekend) With the roadmap now in place and the deadline looming we have plenty to get on with! 🙂


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