Day 41: Deep Sky Blue Tranquil M&M's Popcorn

August 30, 2018 16:07 UTC Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today's Progress:
-Today we were back at the Nextcloud conference Hackweek to continue working with the App maintainer.
- Arati made a Pull request for vue-import-progress merged! Fixing importDestination so that the correct address book is imported to, displaying the name in the import screen
-Jessica started working on the styling issues for the share addressbook
-we also started to create issues as part of the roadmap for our last month of RGSoC


It's been really great to be able to work so close with the App Maintainer John and get in person help. Talking online can get confusing at time and this time together has been invaluable 💜


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