Day 40

August 29, 2018 17:01 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We started our day with a workshop at Thoughtworks on Impostor Syndrome. When individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear that they will be found out as a fraud this can have crippling effects. It is touching to see that this is talked about openly in a company and that through awareness we can identify when those behaviors appear within ourselves. It is also useful to undertand the signs so that we can be mindful when we see those behaviors in other people. It was reassuring to know that this feeling of being an imposter is common and that there are small steps we can take to practice not feeling this way. Experiencing the culture at Thoughtworks where curiosity, play, vulnerability, and failure are encouraged has been a fruitful space to experiment and learn.

After the session, we retraced what we learned yesterday and we found an error in the mentor_notification_mailer_preview.rb file. This was causing an error in the way the view of a new iteration is being rendered in the mailers. We still need to figure out how the routes work in order to write our tests. Piecing together where different routes, tests, methods, and classes are used throughout the codebase has been a slow process. However, this has gotten us to be more familiar with the codebase, and we are now able to navigate through it much faster. We are looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring.


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