Day 39: Lemon Chiffon erratic Cookie Dough Popcorn

August 27, 2018 15:03 UTC Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

This weekend we were at the Nextcloud Conference! It was a great opportunity to learn more about Nextcloud and meet other contributors ^^
Jessica gave a introductory workshop to contributing to Nextcloud workshop and a lighting talk on useful Git commands for contributing to Open source. You can watch her talk here and checkout the slides using the links below.

Today's Progress:
- Jessica worked on the Popover menu
- Arati added functionality to import screen, fleshed out the parse VCF function and added real progress value for progress bar and contact name as it gets imported
- We had our weekly agile meeting


It has been a great opportunity to reconnect with the whole Nextcloud community and refresh our passion and see the effect our work has! Today we were back in the office as they have an enterprise day but tomorrow we will go back to the Hack space so we can work more closely with the App maintainer!

Link(s) to work:

Lighting Talk:

Workshop Repo for contributing to Nextcloud

Talk from last years RGSoC team Codeaholics!


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