Day #45

August 25, 2018 23:09 UTC Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we make our plan for the next weeks:

1 - This week we will study the Full text search docs. It seems like it has a lot of useful options, like order by relevance and this will improve a lot with the /search results; We may not open any PR this week because we want to understand better how the full text works. We are also going to the Open Source Summit event this week.

2 - With that we will think about a UI for ordering/sorting the results. We have some things in mind for this, will be sharing along the way. We also could see some requests and comments from the community by the issues that you shared, so after we plan the UI but before start to code it, we will share with everyone.

3 - We believe that we may not need the dynamic page, but let's wait until then to discuss this.



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