Day 36

August 24, 2018 04:33 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Breaking the Codebase

Yesterday one of our mentors encouraged us to play around with the codebase and try and figure out how each part of the code works. We discovered that there is something really liberating about making bugs instead of trying to fix them. What became apparent is how different parts of the code work together. If we changed one parameter the code broke in different places. It is quite an adventure.

As a result of playing with the code we learned more about how the tests work. We had been running system wide tests, which take about five minutes, but we learned with the help of Jeremy that we could run individual tests if we included the path to the location of the tests.

We finish our sprint tomorrow and have scheduled a retrospective for tomorrow afternoon. It is doubtful that we will finish the issued we have been assigned. Unfortunately the progress we have made is not apparent if we list it as one issue. We still need to break down goals into smaller steps so we can recognize the incremental progress we make. It is an iterative process and the important thing is that we are learning from our mistakes.


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