Day 39 - one step forward but it is all the preparation in that step

August 23, 2018 22:19 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


As I sit on a train back from some awesome training in london on aws fargate containers. I am doing the daily log. What have we done today?

We met at Bletchley Park and then caught up on css woes, or as i was referring to some * css as the death star of css .

We are working on success and error modals that will display depending on the results of our fetch api.

So we have two svg, two different background colours,

Met with our mentor. He asked to do a demo of our solution. This is such good practice for us to present our work.

He is so patient and wants us to do things to best practice. We just need to tweak a few of the misalignments between the svg and the paragraphs of text. It was suggested to use flex box and css grid to take away some of the headaches.

We will also go through our code and keep consistent in our units of measure not mixing px and rem.

We need to look at refactoring our code and again our mentor hinted how we could start to approach this.

So my day with css styling I liken to driving home. I could go the same way I always go and keep in my comfort zone which is to wait and try and make my code perfect or research more to find the solution.

However I took a different route today we made changes and I did not know entirely why they are having the impact they were but we were close to having it work well.

This route is not always possible but sometimes when you want to meet a deadline and get a solution it is necessary. So although not perfect we uploaded code for a mentor to feedback on. This feedback has been useful and rather than continue struggling to force something to work we are going to use flexbox and css grid. I was a bit disappointed our hours of effort hadn’t provided a complete solution but imagine how much more disappointed I would have been if I had spent longer.

We have arranged to do brown paper meeting at thought works in November to demo our app. So this is good practice


we have our list of to dos from our mentor

we can see our upcoming cards on Jira and we want to get this story done so we can do a great job with this project.

to do

refactor modal . find the repeated code, clean up, rename.

list of adjustments from mentor.

contact mentor tomorrow with update.


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