DAY 37 - Logic of popups, onclose functions, jest mock tests, meetups

August 21, 2018 15:59 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Meetup with our coaches last night. Good conversation about where we were with our project, fetch api, testing and using jest mock to automate console log.

Working remotely and sharing resources and what each other are working on.

Eva has managed to finish the logic side of the popup modal for success or error of the fetch and onclose functions.

Testing of modals with React developer tools, console log, and manually taking remote server offline to create errors.

CSS styling of popups to the design specification.

Creating a library of resources or more importantly disregarding resources that refer to installing libraries as our app needs to run on minimal resource machines if there is no need for libraries this is to be avoided. Our mentor referred to even certain libraries have the facility to install only the part you need and not the whole library. Good to know.

RGSoC Meetup - Had a lovely chat with Anna. We talked about shortcuts, giving technical talks, holidays, weather, technology stacks, tools that we are learning that will be relevant for future projects, Jira, Invision, soft skills, ability to adapt and work in a team. Anna very kindly explained to me about Github rebase. This made complete sense and look forward to trying it out on one of my personal repositories.

GTH is on an adventure. My agenda is to work collaboratively with teams with no location boundaries. However today as taught me a valuable lesson I tried somewhere new as a public venue and their advertised wifi was not working however had already committed to stay. Tried to switch to hot spot on my mobile which also gave me a slower than my normal service. I could have cried and admit defeat but instead I decided to recalibrate my day and still be productive despite these challenges. I kept in communication with my partner who also communicated her change of plans of the day, we did try zoom from my mobile but the signal was not stable and my background noise was to distracting. Interesting that zoom app on mobile does not have chat facility. So we resorted to slack and imessage to communicate. It is interesting that we are working on an app for Bahmni that is geared to run on low resource machines and so once I changed my mindset I was able to test our app in a way that I hadn't expected or planned.


Creating Jest Mock tests to recreate fetch api without the time delay or need to start and shutdown servers.

Learning more about modals without libraries to create custom requirements.


Write tests for our app so far. To give a current snapshot.

Need to clear form data on success of fetch further discussion of where to put this function is needed.

Focus for modal needs to be change for accessibility and to prevent tab in the form below.


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