Day 36 - Coming back recharged

August 20, 2018 15:59 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • weekly meeting with supervisor Ramón: discussing our progress, mental state, challenges and workflow (always a great way to start our Mondays!)
  • team meeting discussing some workflow issues as of recent: different expectations, experiences and the fact that we are working remotely can sometimes lead to frustration, but we both recognized our need to be better at communicating and I believe we came out of the meeting stronger. Go team GirlsCode MK!
  • working on our story which is creating modals in react and some gentle handling of fetch errors
  • met with our Bahmni coach Ivo who is on a holiday but insists that we met regularly (best coach ever!)
  • he gave us some suggestions on what needs improving, which things are missing and what is already done
  • as always he patiently answered all of our questions!
  • we've also discussed giving a talk after RGSoC for Thoughtworks, sharing what we've learned in our summer of coding and working on Bahmni - Georgina and I are both keen to do it! (proposed date: sometime in October and we might travel to London to meet the UK Thoughtworks HQ)


  • incorporating Ivo's suggestions into our app
  • applying css styles as per design
  • getting a working version of the app and share with the rest of the Bahmni team
  • adding some logic to dynamically display the right modal (success or error)


  • weekly meeting with coaches to discuss our progress
  • finish our current story!


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