Day 33

August 20, 2018 14:19 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The One Thing We Know for Sure: We Love Our Job

We hit a milestone today: we faced an issue that we didn't know how to solve and we declined immediate intervention from our mentors and coaches. We decided we wanted to struggle with it a bit, because the joy comes from the struggle. It is a milestone because we believe we can figure it out or at least take steps towards solving it. We started by walking through the codebase to find the area that we think we will need to change to fix the problem. We didn't figure out how to solve it, but we were able to break it down into smaller parts and sketch out a possible solution. We next identified our technical shortcomings. That is, what would we need to know how to resolve the issue. We realised that we need to know how Rails mailers work and how to trace links in Haml files. Knowing this, we mapped out a plan to learn these skills and scheduled a meeting with Klaus, one of our coaches, for the end of the day in case we ran into anything that we didn't understand. We felt confident enough to decline (postpone?) intervention from our mentor Jeremy as we wanted to struggle a bit before we got any help.


Rails Girls promised us that we would have the best summer ever, and it's true. We struggle with git and code and issues. We have missed beach days, parties and Wimbledon. But we have hardly noticed because we have been so immersed in living out our dreams of being software developers. It's hard to believe that it will end, but we are approaching the last month of RGSoC. We want to ensure that we get the most out of our remaining time here so we have scheduled a meetings Jeremy, one of our mentors, to plan the last 5 weeks. He supports our desire to grow and learn . Together we will develop a plan that will provide us with opportunities to learn and grow through a combination of bug fixes and and by creating a feature.

We are also talking with our coaches as we try and figure out our next steps. David offered advice to continue working on Exercism (of course!) and possibly other open source projects. Maikha encouraged us to think of what we want and work towards making it happen.


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