Day 34 - Http status requests, Girls Code Workshop, Videos

August 16, 2018 16:50 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Udemy course on HTTP AJAX FETCH AXIOS library - get, post, render data, more videos on HTTP to try and understand the solution to story 3. The udemy course uses a dummy url to get and post data to use as practice.

Instead of fetch, the video in udemy uses axios library

Meetup for girls code. Opportunity to meet coaches and get some advice and guidance on Bahmni project and ways forward.

Discussion with our coach Neil. Gave an update of our project and current story as he has been on holiday. Also gave him an update of team meeting with Ramón and other coaches on Monday. Very interesting to get his experienced perspective. GTH expressed her concern with javascript technologies and installing libraries without having knowledge if they will solve the problem, or learning a library that brings more problems then it solves. So trying to find and create vanilla solutions without installing libraries although more time consuming seems to be the way forward for a project that will need to be maintained, and changed by a community. Neil however brought some sanity in bringing us back to what is our project goals. Is the goal to learn react to then do another project, job etc, or is it to do the project and meet the criteria. Hopefully we will be in a position to do both but with the time pressures of only just a month to go it will need to be a mix so that we can be successful.

We discussed the delay in response from the server when it is not available. This is a setting that can be changed by using Fetch Timeout. This setting can be added to our .env file so that independent future installations of the app can be changed according to their infrastructure and capabilities of their servers and concurrent sessions. He referred to the following example We need to discuss the requirements of the app in more detail with our mentor and maybe look into more detail about how the main app is dealing with this to do a consistent design.

Also discussed the difference between popups, modals, and what react refers to portals.


Learning more about React structure, hierarchy and react libraries.

Practice with simpler problems in udemy to understand concepts to apply to project.

GTH is delivering an icebreaker speech tomorrow for qualification towards technical path of toast masters. This is so she can do apply for future speaking positions at conferences to help encourage and inspire others to learn coding.


Types of Modal and create different type of modals, click outside, and confirm with a button.

Launch modal depending on the status of fetch


Meetup with mentor.


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