Day 33 - Filling in the gaps

August 15, 2018 15:02 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • working remotely today, but had a long team meeting to share progress, what we are working on at the moment
  • we each feel that we have some holes to fill in both reactjs and javascript, so we have been working towards those
  • Georgina: working on branches, forks and creating new learning repositories. The need to practice in a safe place and with simpler or out of project scope was necessary so she has created a new learning app to test out some code. Looked at preparation of next blog, so whilst sorting out github, forked RGSoC, installed Jekyll, had an issue with changing ruby version and updating the .ruby-version file to 2.3.7 and got all setup so we can add stuff as we go for the blog. Time is going so fast we are nearly half way!
  • Eva: working on a reactjs Udemy course and getting a better understanding of how reactjs works (even slightly more advanced concepts): things I've learned today are higher order components (HOC), pure components, Radium and CSS modules, npm eject for editing project config, better project structure, proptypes, Aux wrappers for adjacent components.


  • Georgina: working on HTTPS requests, going vanilla JavaScript first and then transposing that code into react and then making the code dynamic
  • Eva: Ploughing through the tutorial until I get to the modals and ajax requests - which are the two things needed for our current story.
  • Eva: reading on web design and usability and getting better at implementing basic design principles

To Do

  • potentially re-structure our app into smaller components (our FormContainer component is quite large and could be broken down - the fetch request with its conditional logic should probably go into its own component)
  • coming up with conditional logic for displaying either the spinner, the error popup or the success popup


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