Day 32 - Udemy, Modal, Fetch API - VIDEO TUTORIALS

August 14, 2018 16:19 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Had our monthly meeting with local coaches and supervisor - Team Photo!

Introductions, Fun Fact, Expectations
Discussed communication and how to get better coaching and how to be a better coach.
Discussed consistency with meetups.

It was agreed that if we need more help that we need to be more specific in the help we need and more direct questions on slack. It is a balance between helping and struggling. So we will keep our weekly catch up meetings at 8pm on Mondays. This is a 10min what is happening meeting. We will also continue to give summaries of these meetings for people that can't make them.

RGSoC slack channel discussion about Agile. This was good to revisit especially as it wasn't long ago at girls code that we had our Agile workshop. Tools:,, Sprint-Retro-Repeat, stand up meetings, kanban, trello, and stories. We are using Jira for our workflow and stories.


Asked coaches direct questions today. Asked their learning journey of react and looked up roadmaps to help facilitate this. Trying to get a clearer picture of what coaches have done with React to help advise us. GTH expressed the problem with trying to find good quality learning resources that did not involve installing libraries, or redux. It is hard to gauge whether it is a lack of React knowledge or whether libraries are really needed.

Continued with Udemy course. Eva said it is beginning to make more sense the 2nd and 3rd time round!

Eva using pomodoro for videos. GTH has been changing between videos, creating test branches, playing with app and error codes. Changing activities is also as good as a rest. Whilst becoming fixed on Fetch API error handling and modals, GTH had a thought about our date issue from our previous story. A little progress and then back to the current story!


Meetup with mentor about current story
Fetch API error handling status


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