Day 30

August 13, 2018 17:20 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We started our day with our daily standup. We used this time to review what we learned about testing and to discuss what we wanted to accomplish during the day. We realized that while we understood the process to create a PR, we still did not understand how to sync our fork and local copy with the Exercism upstream. We decided to spend some time trying to figure this out so that moving forward we have a clear idea of our git workflow.

One thing that was helpful was to draw out the pieces of the problem that we do understand. We saw our coach Maikha do this last week, and found that it is a very useful way to break a problem down into smaller pieces so that you can see the gaps. We did some research on stack overflow and once we had a better understanding of the problem we were having with our git workflow, we reviewed our thought process with our mentor Jeremy. The session with Jeremy was super helpful. He walked us through two ways of syncing the local repo and our fork with the upstream and explained when you would use each scenario.

After the session with Jeremy we were able to put what we learned into practice and finished up the remaining tasks that were pending on issue # 3966.

We also spent some time installing some libraries we need in order to analyze the mentor comments. Our goal for this week is to start cleaning up the data so that we can begin the analysis.

Today's highlights

The highlight of the day happened at the end of the day when Lori and I explained to each other what we learned about the git process. By explaining the process to one another, we realized that we understood each piece of our git workflow. It is so rewarding to see how the fragments of what we learn are finally clicking and making sense.


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