Day 18: The day Shelly broke the Jake Gyllenhaal Triangle

July 24, 2015 16:22 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Meetings meetings meetings :D Also CMVie and vet visits...

Our morning should have started off with us both attending Creative Mornings Vienna (along with Ramon and Igor) but because of a required unplanned vet visit, Shelly and Igor had to miss out. (Pilar and Ramon had quite a good time though!)

After CMVie, Ramon and Pilar worked on some things together, namely the (trickier than expected) starter issue, while Shelly looked at the combined Tessie notes to begin to make the roadmap for the my first hoodie app.

We had a call with Gregor in the evening. He is covering for Ola while she is on holidays. We discussed our progress so far, what we are doing and what problems we might have run into so far.

After this we had our supervisor call with Markus who is back from holidays and because it was about 18:30 when we finished, we called it an evening and started our weekend!

What's that? You're wondering about the Jake Gyllenhaal triangle and how Shelly broke it? Well. We mentioned the "/giphy mine = Jake Gyllenhaal" discovery that we made, but in her excitement, Shelly tweeted at Slack about the discovery and since then it doesn't work anymore.



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