Day 30 - Story 3 - Portals, Modal, Popups, success and error messages

August 10, 2018 16:47 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Met with our mentor Ivo. He is so supportive and committed to helping us with this project. He is going on holiday for 2 weeks but has said he would still like to meet up twice a week and is available if we need help.

Our second story has been marked as done with a caveat that the birthdate will need to be revisited and compared to the larger bahmni app so they work in a similar way. The solution works but using moment you can not just put in years without it trying to update and calculate to precise months and days. This is not how the main app works and so will either need to be changed to our original clunkier solution, stop using moment a more manual calculation of years, months and days or maybe an alternative we haven't thought of yet.

Onto the third story. It requires a success pop up and an error pop up. So we have been reading up on modals in React.

We have discussed online with one of our coaches about http status codes. They referred us to this resource. Love the visuals and imagery!

Interview for future development roles. Eva has said that this project has not only given her more experience but more confidence in talking about coding.


Udemy react course

Learning more about modals from React documentation -, code pen, medium blog, examples on Github .

More javascript and CSS functions to manipulate instant error messages to guide input in the UX rather than just restrict submit on form.


Spinners on submit button to prevent multiple duplicate records being added with a double or triple click.

First full team meeting of coaches, mentors and supervisors on Monday.


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