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August 9, 2018 14:30 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Another retro

Yesterday we finished our first Sprint, so this morning we had a retrospective followed by a team meeting to plan our next one. We were joined by our coaches Klaus and David. We all agreed that certain things are going really well. For one, we've mastered communication, conflict can lead to growth as long as a safe space has been created where everyone feels they can speak honestly and openly about their feelings. Second, while we didn't achieve as much as we expected in terms of closing issues, we learned much more than we expected. Third, to accomplish more we need to better size each issue and better to prepare for our kickoff.

We ended our retro with some action items. First, we will spend more time preparing for our kickoff. That is, we want to explore each issue we have been assigned, identify any questions or confusion about it which will better enable us to better understand the scope and depth of each issue and schedule any training sessions with our coaches. We will also be able to review our proposed solution with our mentors before we began our sprint. Also, to improve our pair programming we will shadow our coaches and see how they pair program to get a better view of how different teams function. Finally, we decided that we need to better access how many issues we can reasonably take on during a sprint. For our first sprint we chose three issues to work on and we were not able to complete them. For our next sprint, since it is over a shorter week (we have a mid-week holiday in Spain) we will be more pragmatic.


  • Listening to a podcast about Exercism featuring our mentor Katrina Owens.
  • A training session on object-oriented modelling with our coach Javi and guest coach Emma.


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