Day 27

August 8, 2018 21:43 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Refactoring code and processes

Today we read a lot of code. Since our sprint was ending today we spent a part of the morning preparing for our next issue. It is an exciting one since it will allow us to get our heads around writing tests. To prepare we had a coaching session on writing tests and TDD philosophy with our coach Nacho. We also managed to go through parts of the codebase with him. Our questions are becoming more precise and direct as we can now identify what we don't understand.

Mid-morning we got a kind message from Jeremy telling us that our PR had failed some integration tests so we spent some time reviewing our work and following the trail to find our errors. It was a great day's work, not measure in tasks accomplished but in the growth of our understanding. Tomorrow will be even more exciting as our delay in updating the PR has led to a merge conflict. It's hard to believe that this is inspiring us. While we know it will be a challenge, we will learn so much in the process.

Emily introduced us to a set of online exercises for practicing Ruby. We've decided on a three-prong approach: pair programming, working alone as homework and code review of each other's work the next day. We are going to experiment with this format over the next two weeks and assess it's effectiveness.

We learned some important lessons today. One, the way we have set up our workflow is not the best way to do it. Back then, we didn't understand enough about Git and GitHub for teams so we forked then cloned then pushed our changes to our GitHub accounts and then made a pull requests. In other words, we had created a very convoluted workflow which created more work for us and a more than a bit of confusion as we were always commits ahead and behind the upstream. While cherry-picking is fixes the problem (and adds a bit of git playtime), there are better ways.

Finally, we took a long walk at the end of the day to check-in with each other. We realized that each of us assimilates information in different manners and this was producing a bit of confusion for both of us when we had our coaching sessions. After identifying that we have different learning styles we created a plan that will enable both of us to benefit fully from our sessions.

Highlights of the day

  • git checkout -b experiments Enough said.
  • Elena (a ThoughtWorker not affiliated with our project) agreeing to moderate our Retrospective
  • Being comfortable asking for help from other members of the Exercism team
  • Realizing that everyday we feel more and more like we are a part of the Exercism team


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