Day 28 - holes in knowledge being plugged

August 8, 2018 20:31 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


RGSoC meetup yesterday. Running theme of this week is how to learn and then to take healthy breaks. Walks, natural breaks, pomodoro clock, and regular patterns.

Studying and going back over basic concepts of react at a different level to try and understand gaps in knowledge. Using a udemy course, book (full stack react), looking at examples (React Rocks website), Git hub, Stack Overflow. This is sometimes a good blend. When you have had enough of reading, a video demonstration is good and welcome change. Is it possible to have too many resources? 🤯

Communication on design of app with regards to visually showing errors.

GTH struggling with solving date problem which Eva has already solved. Frustration of ability to learn and apply to project but good to know that coaches are reassuring that it is normal.


Repeated error on form with NAN error. When an invalid date is entered into DOB input. So now we need to trap error and give visual warning.

Studying on refactoring code, moment.js, set state, prev state.


Meetup with Bahmni mentor


CSS error handling - red border, red label and red text on invalid input

Set maximum birthdate to todays date.


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