Day 28: Brain-Melting Royal Slushi Popcorn

August 8, 2018 16:32 UTC Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today's Progress:

  • It's a big day. We are merging our forked branch with the main vue branch in the nextcloud contacts repo! Moving forward we will be working directly in that repo (with smaller branches).
  • For this purpose, Jessica was adding comments to the sections that she was working on and she also made the PR.
  • The borders for the import section are looking sharp thanks to our mentor's suggestions! Related to this section, Arati replaced some selectors in the section to hopefully make the CSS neater.
  • We had our weekly meeting with supervisor Neta.


We are just one week away from the half-way mark but also only a week away from the one month mark--time has a strange way of bending during RGSOC.


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