Day 26

August 7, 2018 22:11 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

It takes a village to make a developer

Reflections on our first month

We used to think that if you hadn't written your first line of code before puberty you could never become a developer. Now we know that through hard work, curiosity, a strong desire to learn and the right support team, anyone can learn the skills needed to become a developer.

We have been very fortunate on our coding journey to have a wonderful support team. There are our local coaches (David, Emily, Javi, Jorge, Klaus, Miakha, and Nacho); there are our mentors (Katrina and Jeremy) and the other members of the Exercism team (Carlos and Nicole); our host company ThoughtWorks and all of the ThoughtWorkers who stop by our workstation each day with advice, jokes and words of encouragement. Each have been an integral part in our development and growth over the past month. None of this would have been possible without our village of coaches, mentors and the amazing people that make up the ThoughWorks community. Words seem insufficient to express our gratitude and joy at having each one of you on this journey with us.


  • Waking up to an awesome message from our mentor Katrina ❤️
  • Slack lessons from our mentor Jeremy (a rock star teacher ❤️)
  • Learning how to add commits to an existing PR
  • cat .git/config
  • Learning the difference between running tests in :headless_chrome and :chrome and later integrating it into our bug fixing
  • Flying a drone at the Lunch and Learn


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