Day 25

August 6, 2018 19:44 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Pair Programming Rocks!!

Per our norm we started the morning with our daily stand-up updating our coaches on the progress we made on Friday and sharing with them our plans for the day. After, we had a tutoring session with our coach Emily and she gave us an overview of TDD and then left us to read the codebase to try and understand the tests they had written. Even with our limited knowledge of Rails testing, we were astonished that the code was starting to make sense!

After an hour we moved on to our second task of the day, finishing up one of the issues assigned to us. We only have two more days in our sprint, so we wanted to finish this issue and move on to the more complicated one that follows. Then it happened. When we tried to push our changes we got the dreaded merge conflict. Our palms began to sweat and we thought 'Oh no, not again.' But then we stopped, took a deep breath and dived in. We managed (with a hint from our coach Klaus and the help of the internet) to solve the problems and make the PR . It was the first time that we had solved a major problem on our own.


Before the summer we thought that pair programming meant one person codes while the other looks over her shoulder, silently judging the quality of her code. Now we know better. The beauty of pair programming is that you think out loud while trying to write code. It forces one to form an idea and to articulate it to another person, get instant feedback and suggestions. In the end, the code is better and you have learned from each other, allowing both of you to become better programmers in the process.

Best thing that happened today

  • We used grep to search through the codebase to find some text.
  • We solved a problem
  • We taught some ThoughtWorkers the Barcelona Duo hand shake


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