Day 26 - SVG, refactoring, lighthouse, validation

August 6, 2018 17:29 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Start the week off well, met with our supervisor Ramón, good to hear about his experiences of trying to get code to work and the importance of stepping away. Shared an example of how to draw an owl to highlight how some helpful tutorials sometimes miss critical steps in the process and you are left wondering.

We have now done SVG for before and after checkbox using CSS and before and after pseudo selectors, looking good!

Learnt about viewbox and resizing SVGs, and lots of numerous ways of bringing in the SVG file into our app, in the input label or as part of the CSS.

Added code to clear Years, Months, Days from form after submit

Discussed with coaches whether we should use anonymous functions or bind our functions. We can use both and there are advantages to both. However the rule if any would be to be consistent. So we have used anonymous functions and removed bind from our app.


Refactoring code to remove transition variables and just deal with a function to calculate the date in one step. Struggling and will call on coaches to help either guide or provide a similar example.

Form validation so that the fields provide validation straight away and not rely on submit button to stop user from inputting wrong data.

Lighthouse CLI installation


Repeat error with NAN. What steps to recreate?


Meeting with mentor again for feedback on our progress, more refinements to what we have done and introduction to the next story.


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