Day 25 - Story 2 (almost) done!

August 3, 2018 17:26 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • met with coach Ivo to discuss our story progress (still some issue with date calculation and the SVG checkbox)
  • learned about Chrome Developer Tools and Lighthouse tool (for auditing web apps)
  • while styling custom styling the checkbox we learned about the :before and :after pseudo selectors
  • learned how to delete all local branches in one go
  • added CSS variables to our project
  • learned about reading post requests response in dev tools (network)
  • discussed how to contribute to open source in general


  • checkbox and SVG
  • refactoring the date calculation code
  • discussing with coaches whether we should use anonymous functions or bind our functions

To Do

  • include Lighthouse into our workflow
  • run npm build to see if there are any issues
  • unit test our calculation functions when it's ready
  • get ready for a new story!


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