DAY23 : Finding solutions!

August 3, 2018 14:30 UTC Team Sunshine (Babel) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Sujin is working on :
Sujin tried two things; but I couldn’t solve based on checking current url.
1. Can’t access window.location.pathname object in pages/en/repl
2. Can’t access ReactDOM.findDOMNode and apply style inside componentDidMount() method in pages/en/repl


However I couldn't understand why it happen actually and I think after complied docusaurus page component, then child components go in to.
And… finally, She got a clue. She created a new file, /static/css/hide-footer.css and this path is added in styles array and it works.
const styles = ["", "/static/css/hide-footer.css"];

Gyujin is
Continuing refactoring Repl Options with Sandpack and Learning about many options Babel has.


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