Day 23

August 2, 2018 18:10 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We wanted to thank our coach Maikha and our hosting company Thoughtworks for loaning a mac laptop to Lori. 💻The codebase was extremely difficult to install on her windows computer and after several frustrating attempts, we decided to switch to a mac. Since the laptop didn't have anything installed, we spent the morning pairing and getting Lori's environment set up. The change to a mac took some time to get used to, but pairing on the set up was very helpful. In the afternoon our coach David helped Lori install the codebase. It was a huge relief to finally have the codebase on both of our machines.

We finished off the afternoon working on issue #3966 and ran into some issues with Git. We had a session with our coach David and Emily to resolve the issues and decided to continue tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a fresh new start, and we are looking forward to understanding more of the Git process.


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