Day 23

August 1, 2018 20:21 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Our sprint begins

We started the day off with a breakfast meeting with our coach Emily. After spending all of last night trying to set up the codebase on her machine, Lori was ready to give up. Thanks to Emily’s encouragement, we decided to give it one more try tomorrow. Hopefully with David’s help we will manage to get the codebase on Lori's machine working.

We then set up our working environment so that we could properly pair program. Our first experience with pair programming was very positive. Pairing with somebody is a great way to share knowledge and work through issues. We learned so much from each other.

At some point, we were very stuck and could not merge the changes that we made. We tried several things, and after several attempts we decided to ask for help. We then had an awesome session on GIT with our coach Ignacio and were able to rebase our commits and clean up our directory.

We learned the following new commands.

We wish you could have seen the amazement in our eyes when Ignacio mentioned git cherry-pick

In the afternoon we had a wonderful session with our coach David. We reviewed the git commands we learned in the morning in order to make sure we understood the process. David has also been teaching us how to write clear commit messages so that our issues can later be referenced by others. Writing proper commit messages might seem like a small detail, but when many people are working on a codebase, things need to be properly documented.

We ended the day with an amazing Rails lesson from our coach Klaus. He has such a gentle way of asking questions to guide the learning process. By going over different elements in the codebase we learned how Rails apps are constructed. One of our favorite concepts that we learned was abstraction. We were very glad that Klaus taught us this concept because it helped clarify for example, how controllers, models and the database interact with one another.

We knew that we were going to learn a lot this summer, but it is turning out to be one of the best summers of our lives. We are so lucky to be surrounded and supported by such an amazing group of people. Thank you so much to all of you! 💗


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