Day 22

July 31, 2018 16:15 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We started the morning off by merging some mentor bios and messaging a few mentors that we could not merge because of errors that needed to be fixed. Lori started installing the codebase on Ubuntu for Windows, but ran into quite a few errors. Amalia started to look at issue #3966 and fixed a few of the headings that were not in sentence case. This issue was great for getting acquainted with the structure of the codebase.

After lunch, we had a session with Maikha, to review the different aspects of Agile methodologies: such as retrospectives, sprints, time boxing, sizing, epics, stories. We also learned about SCRUM and how it differs from Agile. After our session, we groomed our backlog, prioritized the issues, and set up our first sprint. We will begin our first sprint tomorrow. We ended the day with our first pair programming session and we also had a call with our supervisor Sophia.

Fun but not coding related:
Our coach Maikha is full of wisdom. You don't learn as much from your success as you do from failure. Sometimes failure can be great because it can provide valuable data and lessons to learn from. It's great to apply both in coding and in life.


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