Day 21

July 30, 2018 16:34 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Lori is back from Euro Python. It was great to have the team reunited again. After our stand-up, we spent time looking through issues we felt we could contribute to. We then had a meeting with Jeremy and Nicole, our mentors from Exercism and our coaches in order to set goals and align priorities. The meeting was extremely helpful. We were able to come up with a list of issues that we can help resolve and we also discussed having a kickoff for each issue so that we let Jeremy know the methodology we will use to solve the problem and make sure we are all on the same page. We added all of the issues to our backlog on trello and spent the afternoon with David, one of our coaches looking through each of the issues and sizing them. In the end we decided to start with this issue because we think it will be a good way to get acquainted with all of the views in the codebase. The next step is to learn how to set up our issues into sprints, and begin working. It should be a very fun week.

We realized that Rails is not made for Windows. It has been frustrating trying to install the codebase in a Windows enviroment. In the end, we will use a virtual machine and hopefully the codebase will be installed on both of our machines soon. This should be a very good week.


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