Day 20 - lots of learning, few changes to app, trial and error with branches

July 27, 2018 18:53 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Solved a problem with travis with our app. The method we took was to look at when travis stopped working, go on to github and look at the repository at that time. We looked at various files to see what could be possibly causing the problem. We created a branch restored the files to that branch and travis was working on the branch. We then compared differences and found a small change in the Travis.yml file which wasn't obvious as it was just an extra space causing the problem.

Changed index.html with changes to customise our app rather than the boiler plated text from react.

Changed names of components for consistency and clarity

Deleted extra files which are not being used.

Online chat with coach re different ways of styling in react and trying to get schools of thoughts, list of advantages and disadvantages of choosing one method over another.


Still trying to solve custom radio button and custom checkbox. There are lots of resources to try and resolve this. The project designer has offered to create an SVG of both states so we could add this to the label and toggle depending on if the the checkbox is checked true/false. This maybe a better way then trying to add a tick to the label ourselves.


Tasks that we are tracking through Trello from our existing story

More clarification on propTypes and make consistent use through app.

More testing. Render logic, Prop transformations, User interaction, simulation and other test utilities.

Have a rest from radio boxes and check boxes to gain some perspective and start a fresh on Monday.


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