Day 19 - git, branches, checkout,

July 26, 2018 20:25 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Another amazing meeting with our Mentor. Gave us feedback, still to do, refactoring of code, shared best practice for naming, training by sharing screen - loved the firefox browser develop tools for different screen sizes. Introduced us to moment.js to try and look at a date issue we have. Mentor was very encouraging and is pleased with what we have produced so far.

Git workshop with one of our coaches. explanation of git from basics which was good to recap. covered some really good tips and tools, git gui &, gitk. Great balance between explanation and practice. Practiced reset (mixed, soft, hard), git workflows, deleting branches, merges, git logs, removing conflicts and creating them so that we could understand how they happened.

Found out about ssh, so that GTH could solve different identities as she changes computers.

More studying of css in react to attempt to redesign and customise behaviours of components.


Practice and add SSH to settings in github.

Work through the tasks on trello so we can feedback to mentor next week.

We have also decided to add notes to trello

We are planning to finish story to the point of sign off to get the next story early next week.


Lots more to learn with regards to react design, screen size flexbox, limitations and work arounds to get a good looking form, with full functionality that meets the design.

More testing. Talking to coaches about a writing test for each component both states and rendering so that when changes are happening it is easier and more efficient that they are in separate small files.

Therefore we need to refactor code not just for now with our existing team but as this is open source it will make it easier for future development.


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