Day 18

July 25, 2018 23:41 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We started our day with our daily stand-up. It was a video meeting as Lori is at a conference. Amalia continued working on Ruby and Ruby on Rails to prepare for our upcoming Rails sessions. The focus today was on hashes and refactoring.

As for Lori, her first day strategy at EuroPython was talk to as many people as possible and without the google preview, the reason being if you know someone is 'a someone' it makes it difficult to approach them. She attended four sessions and ended the day with a women's networking event. In between she interviewed different recruiters about their company culture, their hiring practices and what infrastructure they have to support their junior developers.

In sum
Bravest thing she did: Taking the microphone and asking a question in front of a full audience.
Best ice-breaker when approaching a group: "Hello, I'm Lori."
Best thing about being a woman at a tech conference? Never having to wait in line to use the rest rooms.

The only question remaining, does she dare give a lightning talk on Friday?


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