Day - 19

July 25, 2018 17:52 UTC Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

-Today we continued working on the react to environment changes algorithm.
-The algorithm is pretty long and makes use of several synchronous and asynchronous tasks. The tasks mentioned under the sync section are almost complete!
-We had a number of doubts regarding how to integrate the two categories of tasks and also in some steps of the algorithm.
We got them cleared and will try taking them up tomorrow.
We learnt how passing self between threads is unsafe but passing this is thread safe and how passing DOMString values are not allowed within closures but Strings are.
-Out of the 3 subtests that we were building, 2 have been complete. But the third one has been showing undesirable results.
Our mentor has suggested some good references to learn how to operate debugger from terminal.

We are feeling booked this week with a number of new things to learn :)


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