Day 18 - Front End Developing

July 25, 2018 17:41 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


We worked remotely today, working through our tasks on trello. We have a to do list, separate doing lists and done list. We are going to put in the cards, comments and resources that we use so that we have a store of the resources, decisions and problems we have had.

We did a one -to - one zoom session where we shared our screens, from both the browser and inspection tool, and the visual code studio to look at code. It was a different way of pair programming remotely.

Solved several problems from yesterday. It was getting quite frustrating for the time to code that has been produced. Georgina expressed this in the RGSoC meetup about the lost hours looking for answers, learning and trialling out code. Some of the tips mentioned on the meetup were to set a time limit, do something different, (Anna suggested washing dishes!) and ask for help if you have tried sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective or different eyes.

Our blog has gone live.

We have organised a meeting with our mentors tomorrow to discuss progress of story.

Styling the radio buttons, hiding the radio button to make clickable buttons and styling the general layout. Form beginning to look like the UX Designer prototype.


Looking at hacks to overcome limitations of checkbox render and getting checkbox's to look in line with project.

Looking at radio button problem that it formats the button when it is selected.

Continue looking at and thinking like React instead of using HTML, CSS...and making use of components and refactoring code.

More videos for learning


Still trying to solve Travis for our project.

A few more tasks from our story not quite the thousand we felt yesterday.

Looking forward to git hub session with coach tomorrow to solve niggles and commit issues.


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