Day 17 - Tasking and SubTasking

July 24, 2018 21:31 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • worked remotely tackling our trello tasks including styling buttons, disabling form submit when a required input is missing, adding an asterisk next to a required input, adding and styling a checkbox (with custom CSS)
  • learning more about flexbox
  • Following coach Neal's suggestion, finally used git branches and successfully pushed the first three - so far no conflicts! (Eva)
  • investigated the existing code - but that's written in angular (so no clue!), although we maybe have some more ideas now about how to do our date function conundrum
  • GirlsCode meetup: we were doing some basic pen testing trying to solve a hacking challenge (investigating source files and what files are loaded under Network tab)
  • read on form best practices, conventions and accessibility guidelines
  • chatted with coaches about testing


  • styling the radio buttons (maybe with flexbox) (Georgina)
  • styling the general layout including media queries (Eva)


  • the remaining nine thousand little sub-tasks including more testing
  • fix Travis CI that currently isn't updating (Eva)
  • Git and Github workshop on Thursday (can't come soon enough - my command line insists that I 'git prune')


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