Day 15 - Writing more tests, adding Sinon to the list of test tools, 2nd part of app story

July 20, 2018 17:03 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Met with mentor and UI designer. 1st app story passed and closed - YAY! They went through 2nd app story and UI design, visual cues for when data entered is not valid ie greyed out submit button, screen size display, favicon.ico, accessibiity, app fonts in line with project style, radio buttons.

Wrote more tests and problem solved why they were not working as expected.

Found bahmni ico and added favicon.ico to app so that is now showing on address bar and chrome tab instead of standard react icon.

Bahmni's font of choice is Helvetica as this is preinstalled with most devices and is of low resource.

GTH problem solved with github, commits, forks and accounts.

Accessed resources suggested by mentor to read up, watch etc.

Created radio buttons for gender component in line with second story.

Updates on blog post for RGSoC.


Lots of UI development. So research on CSS in react, flexbox, and other styling in react.

Study more testing


UI design, layout of form, colours in line with screen shots from designer using invision app.

Look at grouping components together rather than just one large form and having inputs together, so they can be on multiple screens and rendered independently.

React learning using book and udemy resources


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