Day 13

July 18, 2018 17:21 UTC Team Rubies (if me - mental health communication app) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Tasks completed today

  • Today Atibhi had a pair programming session with Julia ! It was a lot of fun as she got to learn about new and better practices from Julia!
  • Checkboxes and Radiobuttons have turned into an issue much more complicated than we initially expected. Building custom components from scratch is complicated but a great learning experience.
  • Today,Atibhi and Julia refactored code and rewrote tests for checkboxes.
  • Shifted from Atom text editor to Visual Studio on suggestion of Julia. VSC is :heart:

Things we learnt

  • Difference between shallow rendering, mounting and snapshot testing of react components.
  • This really cool thing called flex to manipulate your CSS.
  • Difference between Integration testing and Unit testing.


  • Refactor Code for Radiobuttons and rewrite tests.
  • Make these two components web accessible.
  • Setup global git environment.


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