18-07-2018 potatoCode

July 18, 2018 12:13 UTC Team potatoCode (stretchly - break time reminder app) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


What do you need testing for? We're making tests for a new functionality we're adding to the project. We now made it possible to not be disturbed with notifications for Mac users when they're in a "DND" / "do not disturb" mode. This functionality itself is exciting and an adventure in itself because it's asynchronous. Sidetrack ended. It's really challenging to write test code for this project. This is also because the main file, where we inserted the new functionality, is huge with many functions.

In the end we decided to not insert tests for this functionality yet. The reason for this is that since the main file has so much methods going on, testing just one functionality would be hard. It depends on many other methods. We might get into refactoring a good part of the project this summer, but it can also get pretty time-consuming. We'll see how our schedule develops. We can still include this test and it would be nice to do when we're refactoring.

We also really wondered why you would want to test code that's already working? First time writing test code your questioning this. It looks so stupid to throw all the functions in another file that will mock your application. Rethinking your thoughts it logic of testing can kick in at some point. That's good!!

on the bright side!

we had a tiny PR merged earlier today, just with some CSS fixes :) 3rd PR all done! 2 open PRs, and a TON of features still to be worked on :D


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