Dag 17 Pair Programming & Conference

July 18, 2018 09:44 UTC DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

As we did not have workshop tickets for first day of Conference, we pair programmed instead.
We explained each other what we have learned until so far.
And we decided to work on testing (Diana) and general understanding of code project (Violeta).
At midday we split to both focus on a part.


  • Testing: learn testing according to Jasmine tutorial (Udacity), compare with Mocha & Chai, NodeJS.
  • Set up practical Testing file. IT WORKED!!!!!!
  • Summarize Testing to explain to Violeta
  • Send Pictures and Medium blog article to Lucas (Supervisor)


-Tutorial Living Style Guide to figure out how Living Style Guide functions
- PLAN: https://www.bitovi.com/blog/planning-your-living-style-guide
- CREATE: https://www.bitovi.com/blog/creating-pages-in-a-living-style-guide
- DOCUMENTATE: https://www.bitovi.com/blog/documenting-a-stylesheet-in-a-living-style-guide

Tomorrow we will
- MORNING: join JSTECH conference
- AFTERNOON: discuss learnings in testing and project from today.
& meetup with Coach Christina to clear our questions regarding testing & Project.

MORNING: JSTECH conference
AFTERNOON: create summary of conference, to prepare for blogpost.
And learnings from this week of project.


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