Day 12 - Problem Solving environment, object destructuring, Travis CI tests

July 17, 2018 17:26 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Well GTH nearly pulled hair out with a computer with different environment and was causing problems with Travis CI and everytime a commit to guthub was done from her computer it went wrong adding files or dependencies. After lots of comparison of versions for node, npm, git, brew, yarn, nvm etc, reinstallation of node.js, reclone of repository, it still didn't work! We eventually after looking at error messages on google narrowed it down to conflicts with dependencies between npm and yarn. So once npm uninstall of various dependencies GTH switch to yarn, it no longer had package-lock.json and we were then able to move forward with a solid environment.

Our mentor from ThoughtWorks Ivo (he's so good) emailed us at 6am who tested yesterday's commit and it worked for him! He gave us a list of updates for our story and we worked our way through this list. We changed names for consistency between props and render html and easier reading, removed CSS class. We read about object destructuring and object spread and applied this to our app.

We now have Travis CI on our github repository and after several attempts the build is passing - YAY!


Reading, asking coaches and watching videos on Jest Test - smoke tests, shallow and render.

Looking at invision mockup of what the app design is like and we have made comments to the person dealing with the UI, nice to see a visual of what the end product should look like.

To do

Create test files to create snapshots so that future tests can be compared against.

Routine of regularly testing before adding and committing to github.


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