July 17, 2018 15:31 UTC Team potatoCode (stretchly - break time reminder app) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We have been dealing with git issues for a better part of Saturday and a better part of today. It got quite frustrating at a certain point, because we really could not bring our branches to be up to date with master. It's been a ride, and also quite an experience. We think we've finally managed to get our branch back by working around the issue the stupid way -- going to the PR and copy pasting the changes from the PR back to our local files -- this seemed like the only real way to do this without losing our heads and spending a whole other day on git!

Now that we've done that, we're looking into how to refactor the main.js and the application in general. Our main.js is currently ~600 lines long, and it's getting impossible to manage. This sounds like a job that's going to take at least a few days, if not weeks, so we're discussing with our mentor how to best do this so it doesn't take up our whole summer. What's true is that this is really making us learn the application, but we're a little scared that by the time we get to know it our time at RGSoC will come to an end!! Crazy to think we're almost 1/3 way through already.

Generally, this week has been full of ups and downs. We had a really good coding day last Wednesday and felt really encouraged and on top of the world, but Saturday and today have been pretty rough. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be better!


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