Day 9: Exploring the core of babel-time-travel ☀️

July 12, 2018 18:53 UTC Team Sunshine (Babel) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

* Installed babel-time-travel in local and reviewed babel-worker.js, the main heart of this project. We did console.log() and got babel transformed arrays! Simply awesome!
* Deployed cloned babel-time-traveler app on netlify.
* Gyujin is catching flow errors in babel website and preparing PR.
* Sungjoon, our coach visited us and we discussed UI improvements based on babel-time-traveler. Sujin suggests new feature minimap, a preview of the full source code like atom or vscode editor and Sungjoon will guide us atom-minimap.

* Integrate gray footer navigators in babel-time-traveler in current REPL.


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